1. latenightontheastronomytower:

    Let’s go home.

  2. batmansymbol:


    if it’s late enough and you’re lonely enough, the carly rae jepsen lyric “before you came into my life i missed you so bad” starts seeming increasingly deep and emotionally complex

    3:02 AM and this fucking lyric looks like fucking nietzsche

    stare into the abyss and the abyss will call you maybe

  3. sararye:

    I hope glee does one last competition and are really scared because the opposing team’s lead singer is supposed to be the best in the entire country and slowly the curtain goes up and there he is


  4. cupofteaorgtfo:

    Better get my shit packed for Hogwarts the train leaves tomorrow

  5. sourcedumal:

    I have been blessed with freedom twice over as a negro and as a woman…or have I?

    I love this movie so much.. SO MUCH. I need to buy it on bluray when it comes out

  6. feministbatwoman:




    Peanut Butter stuffed Caramel Apples Tutorial

    • These are awesome cuz you have to wrap them in pie crust! they’re like mini pies but served in real apples!!! You also use the crust to make autumn leaves as decorations! 

    get out


    Well, I know what I’m making this weekend.

  7. Nobody wants to let me sing classic music :(

  8. opewinston:





    (yelling) gay (normal voice) lesbian (muttering) bi….. sexual……. (confused whispering) tr…………… tran…….. trans…………..ss…………………………… (booming voice in the background) STRAIGHT  ALLIES

    This sums up representation of LGBT pretty damn well

    (sign language) pansexual (morse code beeps) asexual

    (Ancient language of the elder gods) Nonbinary

    (smoke signals) aromantic 

  9. tyleroakley:

    NEW VIDEO: “Getting Intimate With Darren Criss

    Thanks for the amazing month of support, y’all. 20 collaborations, which you can check out HERE. If you like this one, push REBLOG. I’m stakling and following people who do!

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